Örebro + Photoshoot

I went to the Swedish town of Örebro this weekend and stayed with my good friend Emma Kleviam and her family. The mission was to meet up with the photographer who volunteered to take conceptual photos for the home page, Instagram and Facebook.

Friday evening we tried different kinds of mead, and on Saturday we headed out with the photographer to Falkasjön, and climbed up a cliff, where we made base camp with our viking and photography gear. There were other outdoorsy types up there but everyone was respectful and gave us space to take photos. We had a lovely coffee and then played with some smoke that you could burn in a camp fire to make more smoke. Also got to use smoke grenades which is an old love of min from larp. We all hade to play all kinds of characters so there was a lot of changing outfits and boy was it cold up there!
Coming back to work on Monday I got the character document started up on google docs and shared it with four people who have offered to give it a look and maybe help me write the characters. The document has grown and right now it is also a design document since the story is growing out of it as well.

The village where the völvas learn their sejd will be called Ástfanginn, and the Viking ship has been split into three ships that sailed out, and one that came back.
Managram, Eyrgrafa and Móðguðr sailed out. Managram burned, Eyrgrafa sank and
Móðguðr came home with what was left of the crews. Next is naming two dead chieftains, and one who will still be alive.

I also launched a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vedergallningen/