Venue hunting and assistant.

I have sent in the formal request to rent my first hand choice for venue for the larp with two different dates in November. I have also gotten an invitation to come se another larp village/venue that I didn’t think I would be able to make contact with.
I’m also in talks with the person I’m hoping will be my assistant in working with coordinating volunteers and be the point of contact for players close to the larp and coordinate the workshop day (friday). I’m very positive about getting someone to assist with these part of organizing because it can be hard to keep track of all things that need to fall into place for a larp and I think both volunteers and the players need the best possible information and care and when the main organizer get stressed close to the game that kind of care can be hard to give.
I’m also looking into how we can lessen the impact of travel to the game by booking a bus, but the qoutes I have gotten so far a tad bit to expensive as it’s something that will have to impact ticket prices a bit.