Casting almost done

What has happened so far:

I put up the character descriptions, and the deadline for participants to fill out the casting document was midnight between august 28:th and august 29:th. On the 29:th I cast everyone who had answered the casting document on time and when that was done I cast the people who had sent in but were after the deadline.
I then went home and slept on the resulting preliminary casting.

The next day some where moved around and then I spent most of the day to send the casting emails out individually. Some people still haden’t answered the casting questionnaire so I reminded them. Some more late questionnaire came in, and these will have to pick from the uncast characters that are still available.
What characters are still available can be seen in the Participant List, a document available to players, the link has been sent out by mail as it’s not meant for outsiders.

Now I’m working on making the characters fit for sending out to the players, this involves:

Checking if all pre-determined relationships are mentioned in characters.
Fleshing the characters out so everyone gets as much of a character and that they are roughly the same amount of information.
Proof-reading and making them look nice.
This could take weeks.

Texts need to be finished for the home page about Völic and Viking culture and what some words mean.

I also need to have an online meeting with Agata Swistak to decide on the on-site team that will be working with the larp.

And finally a note about communication: The larp mail is and you can also post questions in the Facebook Group: