Covid-19 update

Hello dear participants and possible participants! This is not a “the event is cancelled” but we want to show you we are on it.

We know many of you are disappointed and anxious about event and travels you planned, so we reach out to make you less stressed about this one.

Sweden has a ban on events for more than 500 people and my prediction is that will last for 2 months.
Vedergällningen is in June and only has 85 people on site. The larping is outside and in well ventilated houses, which means we plan to run it.

We have space to spread out peoples sleeping quarters and will have a hygiene plan in Place to provide hot water for hand washing.
The feast on Friday will also have to be adapted in how it is served.

We have also been in contact with the venue and have alternative dates later in summer/early fall if things change again and we do need to postpone.

Budget wise you do not need to worry for us, if you need to cancle due to Covid-19 we will be able to refund most of the ticket. This is due to the help we get from Studiefrämjandet.

Karin Edman (Main Organizer) and Agata Świstak (Practical organization and on site Team leader)