Updates about the postponment

Because the pandemic is still a fact, and vaccinations are not moving along at the speed I wish, I made the decision recently to postpone Vedergällningen, not just until September which was my plan A, but to a new June date in 2022.

I’ve told the participants who were signed up, and also informed I wish to refund all paid tickets, so we can reset the budget to 0 income. Anyone who already has gotten casted will keep their character, unless they tell us they are dropping out of the larp. I have temporarily closed both the Swedish sign up and the international one.

The plan is to restart ticket sales January 2022 so that all ticket sales are within the fiscal year of 2022. This is also when players who are already cast has decide if they want to pay to keep their casting or let their character go back into available characters.

I’ve also decided that I will use Ensemble, the character learning tool, and pay them for their work. You can check ensemble out here if you want to learn what it looks like and how it can be used. https://ensemble.nu/index.html

The migration of the characters and available characters -page over to Ensemble will probable be made in October och November so that you can read about the characters there before tickets are re-released. To both use Ensemble as a part of our web page while at the same time protecting our players integrity we will work with copies. One Ensemble-page will only be editable by me, and will be linked from the webpage, while the version where players substitute the character illustration with their own image will only be available to other players and staff at the larp.

I’m making this blog post because of a discussion in the Nordic Larp community that we are not that good at documenting the process of actually making a larp, the upsides and downsides and I want to at least help out by showing my process. I also think it helps possible participants to be kept updated about what is going on.