Available characters

The game has been run and there are no availableble characters.

Völvas of Astfanginn

Thralls of Astfanginn

The Viking ship Managarm that burned.

The Viking ship Eyrgjafa that sunk

The Viking ship Modgudr that stills sails

Two new pages

Today I wrote and added two pages to the fiction:

World of Vedergällningen and Terms. The first should explain the setting more while Terms is a quick glossary for all the words you don’t understand. This might seem productive but actually to me it felt like I was procrastinating on working on the characters.
I just remind myself that the characters exist, I just need to do the work and write down more bout them on the computer screen instead of mainly fantasizing about them.

Casting almost done

What has happened so far:

I put up the character descriptions, and the deadline for participants to fill out the casting document was midnight between august 28:th and august 29:th. On the 29:th I cast everyone who had answered the casting document on time and when that was done I cast the people who had sent in but were after the deadline.
I then went home and slept on the resulting preliminary casting.

The next day some where moved around and then I spent most of the day to send the casting emails out individually. Some people still haden’t answered the casting questionnaire so I reminded them. Some more late questionnaire came in, and these will have to pick from the uncast characters that are still available.
What characters are still available can be seen in the Participant List, a document available to players, the link has been sent out by mail as it’s not meant for outsiders.

Now I’m working on making the characters fit for sending out to the players, this involves:

Checking if all pre-determined relationships are mentioned in characters.
Fleshing the characters out so everyone gets as much of a character and that they are roughly the same amount of information.
Proof-reading and making them look nice.
This could take weeks.

Texts need to be finished for the home page about Völic and Viking culture and what some words mean.

I also need to have an online meeting with Agata Swistak to decide on the on-site team that will be working with the larp.

And finally a note about communication: The larp mail is wonderkarin.larp@gmail.com and you can also post questions in the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vedergallningen/

Character groups are up!

Check the character groups out here:


The ticket link isn’t up yet and wont be till at least next week. This is because I might have to do parallell systems again and do swedish via Studiefrämjandets site (which is in swedish) and internationals through their own form. This does not affect if you get a ticket or not since both systems allow a time stamp on the sign up.

Venue hunting and assistant.

I have sent in the formal request to rent my first hand choice for venue for the larp with two different dates in November. I have also gotten an invitation to come se another larp village/venue that I didn’t think I would be able to make contact with.
I’m also in talks with the person I’m hoping will be my assistant in working with coordinating volunteers and be the point of contact for players close to the larp and coordinate the workshop day (friday). I’m very positive about getting someone to assist with these part of organizing because it can be hard to keep track of all things that need to fall into place for a larp and I think both volunteers and the players need the best possible information and care and when the main organizer get stressed close to the game that kind of care can be hard to give.
I’m also looking into how we can lessen the impact of travel to the game by booking a bus, but the qoutes I have gotten so far a tad bit to expensive as it’s something that will have to impact ticket prices a bit.

Örebro + Photoshoot

I went to the Swedish town of Örebro this weekend and stayed with my good friend Emma Kleviam and her family. The mission was to meet up with the photographer who volunteered to take conceptual photos for the home page, Instagram and Facebook.

Friday evening we tried different kinds of mead, and on Saturday we headed out with the photographer to Falkasjön, and climbed up a cliff, where we made base camp with our viking and photography gear. There were other outdoorsy types up there but everyone was respectful and gave us space to take photos. We had a lovely coffee and then played with some smoke that you could burn in a camp fire to make more smoke. Also got to use smoke grenades which is an old love of min from larp. We all hade to play all kinds of characters so there was a lot of changing outfits and boy was it cold up there!
Coming back to work on Monday I got the character document started up on google docs and shared it with four people who have offered to give it a look and maybe help me write the characters. The document has grown and right now it is also a design document since the story is growing out of it as well.

The village where the völvas learn their sejd will be called Ástfanginn, and the Viking ship has been split into three ships that sailed out, and one that came back.
Managram, Eyrgrafa and Móðguðr sailed out. Managram burned, Eyrgrafa sank and
Móðguðr came home with what was left of the crews. Next is naming two dead chieftains, and one who will still be alive.

I also launched a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vedergallningen/

Progress rapport: horror and scripted scenes

Friday I participated in a fika about larp and organization and I spoke to some larpers from other games about organizing horror larps, and the asgardian sagas. We spoke about Iduns golden apples, which grant life and health and how those could possibly be used.

We also spoke of rot as a symbol for corrupt morals and the approach of death. Imagine entering a feast hall and the whole display of fruits that last night was shiny, fragrant and ripe now is replaced by rotting fruit and the sound of buzzing flies.

We spoke about having monsters present, but keeping the participants away from them so they don’t have a good enough view to dispell the horror of what they think that they are seeing.

On Sunday I met up with a friend and talked about a design dilemma I was working on. I myself am not very fond of pre-scripted larp scenes as it is important to me as a player to be allowed to do what I want to do at the time as my character, and not follow a script provided by the organizer or designer. At the same time for the larp to work there needs to both be a henious crime at the beginning and there needs to be a ritual that calls down The Vengeance that the whole larp is all about. My friend helped me see that maybe instead of scripting scenes we can use the workshops to rehearse and familiarise ourself with the traditions of the vikings of the larp. And then plant a few characters that when certain rituals are enacted in game, have a special out of game mission to do specific tasks. This way horrible things can happen, but the schedule of things is in game due to age old rituals.

My friend also asked for there to be a scene of ritual washing, something I have done at other Viking larps and I like it a lot.

I’ve written on FB that I’m looking for people to write the characters of the local thralls and Völvor and the visiting Vikings. I can do it, but there are people out there who enjoy it more than I do.

Photo Anneli Hården
Photo Anneli Hården