Q: What language is the game played in?
A: English, with swear words in Scandi languages. You can also sing in other languages.

Q: How do I contact you? Either the mail wonderkarin.larp@gmail.com or the facebook group: Vedergällninge – a queer viking horror larp

Q: When will signups/confirmation of spots happen, do you know?
A: Sign up opens August 13:th at Noon Swedish time and then we confirm spots as people sign up. This is just sign up , not casting or payment.

Q: Are there still spots open?
A: Maybe, we still need to fill out our reserve list so please do sign up if you wish to be on it.

Q: How do I pay?
A: We send an In-voice to your e-mail. It’s set for two weeks, you need to contact us if you need to divide it in two parts.

Q: I live far away, what airport is closest?
A: Stockholm/Gothenburg/Copenhagen then train to Skillingaryd (with some changes) then either you or we organize a pick up in Skillingaryd to Berghem Larp Village

Q: Is Sweden in June cold
A: It can be. But it can be 10c to 30 c so it varies wildly. Keep up to date.

Q: Ingame alcohol policy 
A: We will limit alcohol, using a token system. You buy these tokens separately from your ticket price. The reason for this is to keep alcohol budget separate.

Q: Onsite afterparty or not? Assume not if play goes until 2?
A: Not one organized by the organizers at least. We recommend you sleep.

Q: For people who don’t drive, how can they get to Berghem from the nearest station?
A: Nearest station is Skillingaryd, and we will organize pick up from there by car.

Q: International payment: The invoice gives the IBAN number, and BIC as SWEDSESS. But when I put that IBAN in, the BIC autocompletes to HANDSESS. Is that a problem, or should I just go ahead?
A: From our economic admin, yes go ahead, the system is correcting it from our old bank to our new bank.

Q: Do you need volunteers?
A: We still need to fill some positions. Read more here: Call for volunteers