What: A Viking horror larp in the Nordic Larp Tradition

Where: Berghem larp village, Skillingaryd Jönköping County, Sweden

When: Run 1 November 1-3 2019. Players allowed on site oct 31:st aft 5PM
Run 2: Date to be announced

Who: Organized by Karin Edman under her brand of Wonderkarin. Contact me about the larp at wonderkarin.larp@gmail.com

Cost: Run 1 was 1000 SEK or 100 EUR, Run 2 might be slightly higher.

Age: 18 and up, but younger teenagers can be given a character after an interview.

Disclaimer: Run two is currently under development, changes will happen to the web site, and the design of parts of the larp.  Other organizers and helpers will be added, you are welcome to contact Karin Edman at wonderkarin.larp@gmail.com .

The sought after atmosphere: Alternative queer, dirty, magical vikings, völvas and thralls who first use violence, then cry in fear at unfathomable consequenses and monsters, are lured by magical creatures and their own desires and finally either live in each others arms or die alone. This is high mythology and high levels of viking re-enactement is not the goal.

The story: In a pre-christian Sweden a set of women and other non-men with spiritual connections to the Völvic magical traditions and their village of Astfanginn are visited by a crew of traumatized returning vikings and before the evening is over, the Völvas fall victims to a heinous crime.

To avenge themselves they commune with Aesir and Vaenir, the gigants and dwarves, the elvenkind of the underworld and the spinners of fate themselves. And so the vengeance comes to heed their call as they dance naked through the blackened forest.

They cannot undo what they have done and as vengeance lays waste to all, these humans who hate each other must join forces or perish against monsters and gods that but toy with their minds and bodies.

Ingredient list

  • Non traditional interpretation of viking faith and society.
  • All genders welcome, all genders played but normative opression will be played out.
  • Heavy lesbian representation.
  • Full frontal nudity of other players.
  • Sexual content.
  • Cold weather.
  • All meals included in price.
  • Possible character death
  • Mind control of character
  • Paranormal themes
  • Opt out mechanics, and escalation mechanics
  • Cozy out of game area open at all times
  • Steel weapons (conflict resolution based on “biggest weapon wins”)
  • Blood, gore, intestine
  • Alcohol present but not paid through ticket budget.

Thank’s to

Organizers of the future larp of Ofridr for inspiration for the setting. The creator and editor of the home page of the larp Inside Hamlet for structure.