Survival guide

Note: This was written with the november 2019 run in mind and is mostly about cold weather. We are leaving on the site as it can still hold good advice even in june.

Here you can find all the important practical information about the upcoming larp and the conditions on location.


There is no running water available on location. The drinking water is available from the well. Remember to bring your own water bottle/in-game container to fill with the water.

Together with players, we are going to keep the hot water boiling in the kitchen, so you can get warm, fill in your hot water bottle, make some tea etc.
You need to bring your own in game eating utensils out of wood, metal or clay. The Great hall has their own utensils but we will keep these as back up if someone forgets their eating utensils. They will also be used to serve food.

The food is going to be prepared by our chef with the help of volunteers. It is going to include locally sourced game meat, and it will be prepared with consideration to all your allergies and dietary requirements submitted during the sign up process. Most of the food will be vegan and/or vegetarian. All food is lactose free. If we cannot service your dietary needs, you can get a meal deduction/refund from the price.

The meals included are from breakfast on Friday to lunch on Sunday. If you arrive the day earlier (Thursday), you have to arrange your own dinner.

In the off-game area, there will be hot and cold beverages and small snacks available (cookies, chocolate).

There is a possibility of bringing your own food and keeping it in the fridge. The space in the fridge is limited, but it is also going to be quite cold, so no problem here with storing food 🙂
Participants sleep on the beds and on the floor of wooden huts. Following this link – – you can see the pictures of the huts and the means on site.

Closer to the event, we are going to come up with the sleeping arrangements list, based on what makes the most sense for the characters.

You should bring your own sleeping mat/mattress, pillow and a duvet. They don’t have to be historical, as long as you will cover them with in-game blankets. We will have some blankets and some mattresses available.

Please remember that it will be cold by night. We recommend you bring thick woolen socks, thermal pyjamas, hot water bottle and a good sleeping bag that can keep you warm in temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius.
The temperature you can expect on site would be probably between 5 and -5 degrees Celsius. There might be rain. The area is very wet, with creek and marshes nearby, so the temperature might feel even colder than what your thermometer shows.

Here is a couple of tips on how to prepare for the weather during Vedergällningen:

Prepare for sleeping in cold temperature. We recommend you bring a good, insulating camping mat (better than an air mattress), a sleeping bag with comfort down to 0 degrees Celsius and some historical/neutral blankets to cover the modern gear with.
While thinking about costume, prepare to wear a couple of layers. Thankfully, vikings have thought about this as well, so most of the viking-inspired gear is perfect for layering 🙂
Consider wearing thermals under your costume or pyjama.
Double the amount of socks! Woolen ones work best.
Make sure your shoes are waterproof, or that you have an extra pair in case the first one gets wet.
Bring a waterproof cake/cloak. Wool, felt, leather and fur are period appropriate, warm and will keep the water on the outside!
Consider bringing hot water bottle or disposable heat packs.


The electricity on location in scarce. Please bring your own power banks and/or save your phone battery. There will be a possibility of charging your phone in the off-game area, especially in the emergency situations.

We are planning to limit the electric lighting. The village is going to be lit with a couple of big fires, maintained by the players and the crew. It might come handy to bring some candles or lanterns to carry around with you. The LED ones are ok, as long as they look period-appropriate – yellow/warm light is preferable.

There are also fire baskets available, if you want to safely keep the fire going in various places.

Using flashlights is okay in emergencies and on unsafe terrain. We don’t want you to twist any ankles 😉
There is two parking lot available at the location – one 300 m away and the other 1000 m away. There is a possibility of driving your car into the village to unload your gear.
This is a historical larp village, but it does have a hardened walkway built through it and you can drive your car into the village to unload your gear. There is a toilet with a ramp to it and the feast hall also has a ramp. Some mobility will be needed. A lot of play will be using darkness as a special effect and there will be both smoke and wood smoke present.