Is this for me?

Ingredient list

  • Non traditional interpretation of viking faith and society.
  • All genders welcome, all genders played but normative opression will be played out.
  • Heavy lesbian representation.
  • Characters with kinks assigned to them.
  • Full frontal nudity of other players.
  • Sexual content.
  • Cold weather.
  • All meals included in price.
  • Possible character death
  • Mind control of character
  • Paranormal themes
  • Opt out mechanics
  • Cozy out of game area open at all times
  • Steel weapons (conflict resolution based on “biggest weapon wins”)
  • Blood, gore, intestine
  • Alcohol present but not paid through ticket budget.
  • Simulated drug use.

    The larp is played in a very physical style where you represent most things you are doing with you body. Rituals are acted out and fighting might look real. Real alcohol will be served, but players deemed too intoxicated to participate responsibly will be removed from play. When I write this it might seem intimidating but you will always have full control of your own body and what happens with it.

Accesibility: This is a larp village, but it does have a hardened walk way built through it and you can drive your car into the village to unload your gear. There is a toilet with a ramp to it and the feast hall also has a ramp. Some mobility will be needed. A lot of play will be using darkness as a special effect and there will be both smoke and wood smoke present.

Standard accommodation will be in shared unisolated cottages in november. We will set up possibilities to warm up. During play, you can always step out to an “off-game cottage” outside of the fiction, where you can take a breather, sit in quiet, have a cookie or a cup of coffee and reflect on which direction you would like your character to take next.