Character descriptions

The Village of Astfanginn


Styrlaug Hrærekdottir – The First 

Mentors Tonna Tryggdottir. Served by the thrall Kol. Lover to Thorlaug.  Destined to die. Old, powerful, physically frail. Loves to have her physical needs attended to by others, as if she was a very small child. Will die at the feast the first evening.
This character will usually be played as an NPC unless explicitly asked for by a player. That player will have to be given other character once Styrlaug is killed.
Tradition: the Norns – weavers of fate

Thorlaug Birningdottir – The Second. 

Mentors Geirny (followers of Järngerd), Ingirid (Followers of Freybiorn). Served by the thrall Rö. Lover to Styrlaug (The First). Admires and covets those of great age, power and knowledge. To be their last kiss before Hel takes them.
Tradition: the Norns – weavers of fate

Hervor Erlingdottir The Third 

Served by the thrall Bränd. Mentors Torunn (Followers of Järngerd) and Geirlaug (Followers of Gyrid). Geirlaug has a sister, with the followers of Freybiorn. Former mentor to Järngerd. Strives to have two lovers at all times and to both give and receive pain, for all things to even out.
Tradition: Gefjun – strenght of gigants.

Gudney Kolskeggdottir – The Fourth, 

Mentors Ranveig (Followers of Järngerd), Halldora (Followers of Gyrid). Served by her thrall Dömd. Used to be a mentor to Ljot. As a young girl she used a spell to bind her unfaithful bethrothed to her, and he was found dead outside her door. Her father brought her here and has later gifted her the thrall Dömd. It gives her great joy to use and order Dömd around and have them do all kinds of favors for her, but they also seem to connect at a deeper level.
Tradition: Njörðr – water and divination

Thorgunna Hrossketildottir – The Fifth

Mentors Ormhild (Followers of Järngerd) and Herkja (Followers of Gyrid). Former mentor to Freybiorn. Served by the Thrall Trä. Starts and escalates all kinds of conflicts into shouting matches, both with her closest relations and with strangers she has just met. But as deep as her anger is, as deep is her passion. Capable of great emotion and great seidr,
Tradition: Frey and Freya – sexuality and armed conflict

Ljufu Aleifrdottir – The Sixth

Mentors Thorve (followers of Ljot) and Hjödis (Followers of Gyrid). Former mentor to Gyrid. Served by the thrall Vidja. For being someone who worships kind and healing Iðunn the powerful Ljufu of the council sure has a strange position as she is the one who is willing to inflict pain to get at answers that the council might need. There is no anger there, but cold and deliberate damage, which can then be healed.
Tradition: Iðunn – the feeder of youth and life

Sigvor Iulidottir– The Seventh

Mentors Hrefna and Odindis. Served by Sot. Former and failed mentor to Skade. The reason why Sigvor is the lowest in rank attending the council is her tendency to always submit to those in power. At the same time she takes very good care for those in her charge. Despite this, she failed as a mentor with Skade and in great anguish lost Skade to the tradition of Hel. Those currently in her life in that position Hrefna, Odindis and even the thrall Sot would say Sigvor is like a parent to both them and others when the need is truly great and the situation is desperate. This character has access to power through the council but has to listen to all other council members. Their personal play is a lot about dealing with failing as a parental figure and finding a way back with a grown “child” who has lost their way. Who was truly in the wrong and is it relevant who needs to be whom of forgiveness?
Tradition: The Norns – Weavers of fate

Tonna Tryggdottir

Too young to be a follower she serves the First, Styrlaug, as a handmaiden. Very young. She was brought to the village by her own parents to become a Völva because they were afraid of her and what she could do.
Styrlaug, who is the First in the council took pity on her and offered to mentor her. When Tonna accepted she and the thrall Kol who serves Styrlaug became close friends.
Tradition: The Norns – Weavers of Fate



Serves the 1:st Styrlaug
Was gifted as a thrall at a very young age but is slightly older than Styrlaugs mentee Tonna and they have formed a friendship. Styrlaug takes a lot of physical care taking and Kol is happy to give it as being so close to the First of the council also gives them status.

Serves Thorlaug – The Second. Due to this also serves Geirny (Followers of Järngerd) and Ingirid (Followers of Freybiorn). Rö was stolen from the lands of Deventer, from the many river raids of the Rhinelands and separated from their family. Their magic traditions are not like the ones from Astfanginn and the norse. They are torn between a longing for home and strong feelings for Asfanginn. Rö is easily convinced of the opinion of the last they spoke to and as such is seen as a good listener. They are also talented with working with wool, and other textile crafts.


Serves Hervor and sometimes Torunn and Geirlaug. Hervor demands that Bränd is strong both in body as in mind, but mostly in body. Hervor uses her Thrall for hard physical labor, but also is not hard pressed to neither indulge the thrall nor punish them. This character fit those who like to do work in character but who needs to be appreciated for it and to be praised and rewarded.


Serves Gudney and her mentees Ranveig and Halldora.
It was said their partner was in a jealous rage and that it is possible Dömd stabbed them to death, only to defended themself. Because of this Dömd was reduced to being a thrall. Gudneys father Kolskegg gifted them to Gudney who accepted them to serve her. And serve Gudney they have, as well as connected with her.


Serves Thorgunna and her mentees Ormhild and Herkja. Is often verbally abused, shouted at, shoved and hit. But just as often embraced, praised in public and held up as an example. A very confused thrall who very much want to please their protector now that they have been accepted by a council member. Prefers to work with woodworking.


Serves Ljufu and her mentees Thorve and Hjödis. Shies away from the light, and hides in the dark. Has a soft hand in the cold nights. Good at massages and doing hair braiding. A nice singing voice. Many times you can see Ljufu whispering to them, giving them long instructions. But how many silver thin scars hide beneath their dress?


Serves Sigvor in the council. Sigvor sometimes treats Sot like a child who needs to be taught manners. It is true they are not from this strange country, but they are an adult human being! Also am sometimes used by Hrefna (Followers of Ljot) and Odindis (Followers of Skade)


Serves the village which is the worst position to be in. Anyone can take and use a thrall that has no protector. Vik shares this fate with Aska. It’s not the only thing they share with Aska as they try to at least stick together. They are desperatly trying to get in anyones personal grace.


Serves the village which is the worst position to be in. Anyone can take and use a thrall that has no protector. Shares this fate with Vik. Aska was taken as thrall in a country far away and married off against their will. After some time their husband was found beheaded and Aska fled on their own accord to Astfanginn. They have always insisted on their innocence.


Järngerd Sturladottir

She mentors: Svanlaug (Followers of Ljot) and Ingegärd (Followers of Skade). Used to be mentored by Hervor – the third of the council.
Järngerd is often tasked with special missions for the council and to use her and her followers as a physical honor guard of the Council of Seven and the village of Astfanginn. Järngerds put physical strength before all. She loves fights against physical constraints, even if it hurts her. Her Seidr is giving or taking away strength.
Tradition: Gríðr – Infusion of strenght

Geirny Freysteindottir

Mentored by the 2:nd Thorlaug, the other mentee is Ingirid. Often uses Thorlaug’s Thrall Rö. Geirny has a passion for wrestling, often challenging other women to really dirty wrestling matches until they are covered with mud, sweat or possibly the food of the feast they started wrestling at. This physicality is often also used as a way to show her interest, which is known within the village but not to outsiders.
Tradition: Gefjun – Strenght of Gigants

Torunn Ingvardottir

Mentored by Hervor – the third. Hervor’s other mentee is Geirlaug (Followers of Gyrid) and her Thrall is Bränd. Torunns physical talent is using wooden staffs of different lengths as a non lethal weapon. Using these in combination with her seidr she can have beat most to the ground, where the groups wrestlers often take over.
Tradition: Gefjon – Strenght of Gigants

Ranveig Hermundottir

Mentored by the 4:th Gudney, she is also close with the other mentee, Halldora and Gudneys thrall Dömd and would defend them using all her strength if she had the possibility to do so. Never truly gives up no matter how hopeless the situation looks and might even go bärsärk.
Tradition: Gríðr – Infusion of Strenght

Ormhild Valbrandottir

Mentored by the 5:th – Thorgunna. The other Mentee is Herkja ( Followers of Gyrid) Ormhild is supple and nimble. They say her limbs can overstretch and that is how she gets out of most constraints her fellow followers put her in. She has also gotten very good at binding others, and takes great pride in that.
Tradition: Gríðr – Strenght of Gigants

Maed Armodsdottir

Maed was born a thrall but her mother did anything she could and worked hard enough for them both to leave thralldom behind before Maed left childhood. Even after all that, they never had very much to get them by. Young Maed, father unknown took the last name Armodsdottir which means “daughter of poverty”. For the time being, Maed very much looks up to Järngerd and Geirny but will one day probably best them both. This character is about doing a lot with a little, never letting others keep you back or down, even people you respect. She might come into her own during the larp and realize she doesn’t need to obey anyone she does not choose. The choice can be between individuality and the support of a community however.

Tradition: Gefjun and Gríðr


Ljot Arnsteindottir

Ljot is not just leader but also mentors Ingirun, which is uncommon as the Völvas usually don’t act as mentor to one of their followers. This has led to her often favoring Ingirun above the others, and why should she not, the others have each other. She used to support Thorve the same way but these days Thorve is more independent. Ljot trusts her followers but she commands them with absoluteness. She expects them to bring her anyone she orders them too, and to drown those who she commands them to. She also expects them to be able to revive them.
As a ritual practice Ljot often lets herself be blindfold to be able to see more clearly.
Tradition: Njörðr – water and divination

Thorve Vebjorndottir

Thorve was physically abused as an older child/teen. The perpetrator was her stepfather/ her mothers new husband who held the high status of a Jarl. As she grew older and both physically stranger and more naturally powerful in magic she attempted to defend herself. She both scratched his face up really bad with her fingernails and when that did not work, used her will to forced him to his knees. He screamed and screeched, and it seemed as if she had used völic powers of projecting a nightmarish future for him inside his mind. The Jarl deemed the village of Ástfanginn as a simple way to get rid of Thorve permanently. Ljot and Ljufu has stepped in as some kind of parents ever since she was sent away from her mother. Her co-followers Hrefna and Svanlaug have become her lovers.
Tradition: Njörðr – water and divination

Hrefna Æskildottir

As a child Hrefna got badly burnt and almost died. She grew up with horrid scars, but as a völva in training with the Followers of Freybiorn she was able to lessen these. As time went on she fell in love with Thorve and Svanlaug and switched over to Ljot instead. She belives that sharing herself body and soul increases all of their powers.If anyone was to harm any of of Thorve, Svanlaug and Ingirun she would beat them within an inch of their life. Not a killer.
Tradition: Frey and Freya – Sexuality, fertility and armed conflict

Svanlaug Warydottir

Mentored by Järngerd. Lover of Thorve and Hrefna. Making eyes at Ingirun. Svanlaug loves the extreme temperatures and to switch between them. Hot stones on her body, playing with flames or rolling around in the snow. To stay in cold water way to long and to fight against her instincts. She imagines herself as a frost gigant or as Njord himself. To then warms herself between Thorve and Hrefna.
Tradition: Njörðr – water and divination

Ingirun Gudadottir
Ingirun is quite new to the followers of Ljot and has asked that Ljot also be her mentor. As a young girl she struggeled with her spontaniously development of seidr magic and even went as far as harming herself, either in an attempt in ending her own life or get rid of her powers which gave her nightmares. The followers have made the uttermost to include her in their group. Both trains at ritual symbolic drowning of others and of herself.
Tradition: Njörðr – water and divination


Freygerd Arfastdottir
Mentors Gjaflaug in their own following, used to be mentored by Thorgunna – the fifth of the Council. Seidr mostly used for beauty, battle, fertility and sexual love. Freygerd falls in love with and has relationships with women, but she has an active bisexual practice based on a severe objectification of the masculine form. Male bodies, beards, muscles and the way they smell are one of the things she looks for as soon as she and her followers leave Astfanginn. She wishes to command them but they can also have pull on her which is almost intoxicating. In a similar way she can be interested in possible masculine thralls, but they don’t have the same pull on her.
Tradition: Freyr – fertility

Gjaflaug Svartdottir
Sister to Geirlaug (Followers of Gyrid) and mentored by her own Völva Freygerd. Misses Hrefna who left the group for the Followers of Ljot. Gjaflaug often fantasies about her or her lovers falling pregnant, loves being around any pregnancy and to be allowed to help out heavily pregnant women as part of her Tradition of following Frey and Freya. Mostly interested in fertility and beauty.
Tradition: Frey and Freya – fertility, sexuluality and armed conflict

Fastvi Orrindottir
Mentored by Gyrid. Fastvi is very trustworthy and loyal. She used to be a shieldmaiden before she turned to Seidr instead after realizing how much spinning the yarn could affect the outcome of the battle. She specializes in using grey yarn, to spin the fate of a battle. But being in the heat of battle still gave her a penchant for blood play and she gets low key turned on by bleeding or seeing others bleed.
Tradition: Freya – sexulatiy and armed conflict

Ottkatla Saxidottir
Mentored by Skade, which she is aware both the council and her Völva Freygerd dislikes. Ottkatlalikes enjoys practices that dances on the verge of death, admiring both Skade and the followers of Ljot, but after Hrefna left Freygerd for Ljot she feels the group can’t handle another abandonment and stays due to loyality. A feeling of never being allowed to truly speak her own emotions have led to her often performing rituals with a mouth guard or mouth gag.
Tradition: Freya leaning towards Hel, sexuality, armed conflict – death and destruction

Ingirid Onämdottir
Mentored by Thorlaug – The Second of the Council.
Father unknown and dumped in Astfanginn due to having no family. The leadership from Freygerd and mentorship from Thorlaug helps her a lot with feeling wanted and loved again. Freygerd has also encouraged her to use rituals to explore herself and her inner workings more. From this she has discovered that she enjoys taking on a more traditional male role, at first during their travels but now home in Astfanginn as well.
Tradition: Frey and Freya – fertility, sexuality and armed conflict


Gyrid Eirikdottir
Mentors Fastvi (Followers Freyggerd) All of Gyrids followers have ritual practices of feeding others and shifting between acting as servants and masters. Gyrid herself enjoys ordering both followers and her lovers around, but will still fill other positions during rituals. She is a woman of iron will, and if she wishes to save your life she will almost always succed. But she can also deny your plea and will punish her followers if they fail her.
Tradition: Iðunn – feeder of life and youth.

Geirlaug Svartdottir
Mentored by Hervor – The Third. Often uses Hervos Thrall Bränd. Sister to Gjaflaug Svartdottir (Followers of Freygerd). Both sisters follow healing and fertility paths. Geirlaug really enjoys feeding others the most, but especially likes it if they fight back, possibly resulting in food fights, something she participates with the glee of a small child. For this Gyrid has had to discipline her when they have been out traveling.
Tradition: Iðunn – feeder of life and youth.

Halldora Arnthordottir
Mentored by Gudney – The Fourth. She is also close with the other mentee, Ranveig (Followers of Järngerd) and Gudneys thrall Dömd. Ranveig truly cares for them and would defend them using her strength if she had the possibility to do so. Halldoras part in rituals is often to serve up food in varying levels of her undress. It’s a position she enjoys.
Tradition: Iðunn – feeder of life and youth.

Herkja Kolldottir
Mentored by Thorgunna – The Fifth and sometimes uses her thrall Trä. Although the main ritual practices of the followers are centered around food, meals and serving, Herkja instead enjoys the forests and the gardens where the live things grow. She is more of a loner than the others and know the forest and the creatures surrounding Astfanginn better.
Tradition: Iðunn – feeder of life and youth.

Hjödis Björnulfdottir
Mentored by Ljufu – The Sixth and sometimes uses her Thrall Vidja. When they are out to travel with Gyrid Hjödis generally uses the feast thrown in their honor to flirt with as many men as possible and then if possible instigate conflict to see who will fight for her. The winner is greatly awarded and will have any damage healed.
Tradition: Iðunn – feeder of life and youth.


Skade Folkbjörndotter
Mentors Ottkatla. Used to be mentored by Sigvor – the 7th of the Council, who failed her.
A boastful alcoholic that has a bad reputation within the community but has her uses once needed. Skade has a troubled background as a former sheildmaiden on a viking ship. She knew her husband had taken on a frilla but upon returning she found the frilla was her sister. She had a blackout and remembers nothing of what happened next but when she regained her senses she was down by the water washing the blood of herself. As she felt this was her had been overcome by spirits and saw nothing but fear in the eyes of what used to be her kin she choose Ástfanginn and the path of Hel. As she only has three followers she should take on young Tonna next.
Tradition: Hel – death and destruction

Odindis Hallvardottir
Odindis is a murderess. She claims she simply got “irritated” by her husbands constantly slamming his axe, hammer, or seax into surfaces and walls close to her when he got upset. She said she gave him one final warning, that if he would not stop, it would be the end of him. And then one day he slammed his axe down into the table next to her hand, and she picked it up and buried it into his eye. Then she simply gathered her things and walked to Astfanginn and told her story to the Council.
Tradition: Hel – death and destruction

Ingegärd Lifolfdottir
Ingegärd had a lover, a frillokarl who traveled a lot to do trade. They were very happy together,until she found out via his trade companion of his that not only was he married, which would have been acceptable. He had married six other women all over the trade route. After she rejected him, he went missing. His trade partner took over the trade route and also had to deal with all the families of the wives, Ingegärd decided it was all too much for her. Ingegärd specialices in helping women get rid of specific men.
Hel – Death and destruction


Gast was a man, and then he was a thrall. And then he comitted Seidr and became ergi. He came to Astfanginn thin and gaunt, on the brink of death a collapse. None would touch him, but Skade and her followers. Whatever they put him through he survived it, and somehow is not counted as man, yet still man. Seidrkarl yet not seidrkarl. Ergi, yet not ergi.

The Vikings


Alrik Gærrarsson
Battle partner to Hallstein
The Managarm has burned and the Hövding is dead. Suddenly responsibility to be Hövding has come crashed down upon Alrik and he who used to be so strong physically and mentally is instead caught up in a shell chock of emotions neither his mother nor his father prepared him for. He has all but abandonded the remains of the crew of Managarm after all that has befallen them, letting the Jarl Hrapp lead them instead. He seeks praise and physical comfort with any who approaches him now. He knows they are going to Astfangin and once there he either hopes to find something to belive in or too lose himself completely.

Hallstein Farmannsson
Battle partner to Alrik. He and Alrik were picked by Hrapp to sail with the Modgudr after the Managarm burned. They both stood and looked into the darkness during the storm to look for survivors but it was he and not Alrik who helped survirors on board. Although uncomfortable with this Hallstein has had to help Alrik like this for weeks now, hoping the new Hövding will be restored in Astfanginn.

Thorald Audgislisson
Battle partner to Asgrim. Covets expensive furs and how they feel against the body. Had collected quite a lot of them before the Managarm burned, but choose to save Asgrim instead from the inferno. Thought he had lost Asgrim when the Eygjafa sank to then find him again on the Móðguðr.

Asgrim Sigeferthsson
Battle partner to Thorald. Did not wake up when the Managarm burn, instead he was plauged of nightmares of insects eating him alive. Survived because his battle partner Thorald dragged him from the inferno. Stayed behind too long on the Eygjafa to look for Thorald only to find him later on the Móðguðr, knowing he could have then haved saved someone else in the storm.

Steinbitr Iulisson
Battle partner to Sif. Since battle partner counts before ship mate, Steinbitr once decked Æinridi Arnulfrsson, their former Hövding when he had mistreated Sif, who was the hövdings frilla. He was not picked by Hrapp to be on the placed upon the Eyrgjafa after the Managarm sank and he and his battle partner Sif choose to jump overboard to see if the removal of their weight would save the ship. It did not.

Siv Hreindottir
Battle partner to Steinbitr.
Siv used to be and still identifies as the frilla (lover) to the dead hövding of the Managarm, Æinridi Arnulfrsson. As the ship Managarm was resting on the foreign beach where she met her final fate Sif and Æinridi had made their bed on board the ship while some of the crew slept in a-frame tents on the beach. Many of the crew were drunk beyond common sense and reason, celebrating victories and great plunder. Once the fire erupted on board the longship she was unable to wake Æinridi up and get him to move. Yet his death was not peaceful. Æinridi screamed as his ship burned, still asleep.
When Æinridi was alive Sif was second in command but after the death of Æinridi the Hövding position instead went to Alrik. She and her shield partner Steinbitr wasn’t even offered to sail with the high status longboat Móðguðr that took most of the vikings from Managarm after she burned. Sif has taken the thrall Elysand into her bed as of now. Is slowly teaching them the ways of her body and how to make her forget Æinridi.

Hrodny Snæ-Ulfdottir
Battle partner to Alfeid
She was not choosen to go on the Modgudr after the Managarm burned and was on the Eyrgjafa when it sank. Covets glass, crystals and jewlery gold as her payment for going viking. And she had them all in her hand, most of her treasures even surviving the fire, but they all sank with the Eyrgjafa.

Alfeid Mordottir
Battle partner to Hrodny. They were not choosen by Hrapp to go on the Modgudr after the Managarm burned and was on the Eyrgjafa when it sank. Will die in honor with Hrodny if given the chanse. Loves the female form and will give any well endowed woman and extra glance.

Thralls of Managarm

Byram (Bilihild)
Serves the survivors of Managarm. Had to swim from the Eyrgjafa to the Modgudr on her own. Hardly understands what anyone are saying to them. Afraid and alone they cling to Langston. Part of the problem is that she’s not even from the isles but from Dorestad and the Franks and was a trade with some other vikings. She has tried to explain with signs to the vikings of Managarm which led to a misunderstanding that she is a princess and worth a lot of gold.

Serves the survivors of Managarm. Had to swim from the Eyrgjafa to the Modgudr on his own. Understands little more than Byram and finds a comfort in acting like an older sibling to them.

Taken as personal thrall by Sif since the Managarm burned. Had to swim from the Eyrgjafa to the Modgudr on his own, but once they reached the ship the strong arms of Sif and Steinbitr hoisted them on board. Sif is slowly escalating the physical side of their relationship, but seems to wait for him.


Skadulf Leifsson
The traumatized son of the hövding of Eyrgjafa, Leif. Blood brother to Spjut and Hjalti. They became blood brothers in their early teens and Spjut and Hjalti who are from a lower caste has won many opportunities, both going viking and what frillas they could take on by being blood brothers to the hövdings first born son. Skadulf, Spjut and Hjalti has committed many bloody and immoral deeds on their trips, not just by our standard but even by viking standard.

Spjut Ragisson
Battle partner with Hjalti.
Blood brother to Skadulf and Hjalti. Spjut is from a poor karl family and has experienced severe hunger. The blood brothers Skadulf, Spjut and Hjalti committed many bloody and immoral deeds in england. Hövding Leif was like a father to Spjut and Hjalti as well, and there is a small chance he is in fact their father. Now that Leif is dead, the Hövding of Móðguðr, Hrapp has sworn an oath. To get the blood brothers home to their village alive.
Being indebted to Hrapp like this makes Spjut very unhappy due to his knowledge of Hrapps true nature. Spjut cares for Agnes.

Hjalti Surtsson
Battle partner with Spjut. Blood brother to Skadulf and Spjut. Hjalti was almost sold into thralldom by his mother as a child when Hövding Leif gifted her enough to be able to raise him on her own. None of the deeds Hjaöti has commited matters as long as he is with his blood brothers. Hjaltis favorite was always getting civilians alone and telling them he would let them go if they would just serve him for a little while. More than once Skadulf and Spjut has joined him in such games.

Sigewine Thorbrandsson
Grima and Bera, shieldmaidens of the Modgudr got Sigewine to the Modgudr when the Eyrfgjafa sank. Sigewine can’t swim and is afraid of water and drowning. His brother went down with the ship. Ever since it’s been hard for him to even take care of personal grooming, as he wallows in pain at his loss. As he hjas lost his brother and battle partner he as been paired with Ofeig which will probably cost him many scars.

Ofeig Styrsson
Ofeig jumped out of the Eyrfgjafa despite not being able to swim, to see if it would increase the possibility to make their beloved ship survive the storm. He woke up onboard the Modgudr, saved by either Bera or Grima. He’s not quite right in the head and the others from the ship would protect him. He has an inability to feel fear, hence his name, and has just recently been made battle partner with Sigewine.

Fridmund Sigbjornsson
Was on board the Eyrfgjafa, asleep and woke up on the Modgudr, saved by either someone from the Eyrgjafa or Bera or Grima from the Modgudr, who are well adapted swimmers and saved several others. A man of soft words careful movements who could still cut an enemy from neck to groin in a clean sweep. But due to sounding soft he is a favorite to the thralls Agnes and Rohesia.

Hallve/Hallveig Svendottir

The Eyrgjafa crew has a bad reputation for their behaviour and many assume Hallveig and Saeunn must be unhappy and disrespected on the daily. Especially Hallve/Hallveig who exist somewhere between warrior and shieldmaiden. But they both feel accepted and cherished by the remains of their crew. Hallve/Hallveig grabbed and swam Rohesia to safety when the Eygjafa sank, in his/her mind it was mostly so they would not lose more of their little winnings it was a cold economical decision.

Sæunn Skufdottir
Starved as a child due to the poverty of her family. Food and eating is very important to heras is the closeness and family feeling of the Eyrgjafa. She will steal to keep her family fed and clothed and never again accept that anything is kept from her due to law or tradition or honor.

Agnes and Rohesia are far away from home and intimidated by whatever interest they get from these savages. Fridmund, who is more soft spoken than the others is one of the few she dared to speak to in the beginning.
After the Eyrgjafa sank in the storm Agnes tried to make a connection with the Hövding Hrapp of the Móðguðr, she found him even worse than the crew of Eyrgjafa. To her luck, Spjut Ragisson saw and interloped on her behalf, and they have started to form a friendship. However she is afraid the rest of the Eygjafa will find out that she was being unloyal to their ship and catering to the Modgud instead, even it was just for a short time.

Rohesia and Agnes are traumatized by being kidnapped from everything they know and Rohesia has clung to Hallve/Hallveig and other women on board the Eyrgjafa. One of the surviving shieldmaidens swam them to the Móðguðr when the storm took Eyrgjafa and she is hoping it was Sæunn. Rohesia prefers the company of women and other feminine people, with the sole exception of Fridmund who is soft spoken despite his masculinty. This can also make them blind to the wrongdoings of the shield maidens and she lets them do whatever they want with her without protest. After all why shouldnt she be able to trust other women?


Hövding Hrapp Skidisson
– He is a Jarl. This is a man of great honor who will do his best to uphold his promise to bring the last survivors home. And then there is another side of him, a deep insecurity that he fills by going from lover to lover as he grows tired of them. And this goes even for his wife Hilds mother. He is a Jarl. And what he says goes.
He has made an oath to bring Skadulf, Spjut and Hjalti all the way home to their mothers. As he made the promise to a man who died, this makes it the last wish of Hövding Leif of the Eyrgjafa. And it will be done. Farmann Styrmirsson is his closest confidante and the man who cleans up the mess he leaves behind.

Karli Autisson

Lover to Hjort, shield partner to Kolbein
Karl is a Jarl as well as Hrapp, and he was very close to being married of to a woman of suitable social standing. When her family came to his village for the bethrothal he instead fell in love with her half brother Hjort. Together they managed to postpone the wedding and sail away with Hrapp westwards. It was not long until Hrapp found out they were lovers. At first Hrapp had said Hjort and Karli could be battle partners, but after finding out he instead paired Hjort with Sigfus and Karli with Kolbein.

Hjort Bergfinnson

Lover to Karli. Battle partner to Sigfus.
Hjort is a Jarl as well as Hrapp and Karli. He met Karli when he traveled with his household for a betrothal between his half sister and Karli. They very quickly consummate their love and then came up with a plan to postpone the tying of wedding bands to instead sail west with Hrapp. He is wracked with guilt for stealing the man meant for his sister and it wasn’t long until Hrapp found out they were lovers. At first Hrapp had said Hjort and Karli could be battle partners, but after finding out he instead paired Hjort with Sigfus and Karli with Kolbein.

Farmann Styrmirsson

Farmann was chosen by Hrapp for his extensive skills as a seaman and traveler and is very loyal to his hövding. For this he is frequently rewarded with public praise, alcohol, nice clothing and jewelry and other gifts. What less might know is also that he often inherits Hrapps lovers after Hrapp is done with them. He is from a simple background.

Kolbein Alriksson

Lover to Simon, shield partner to Karli.
Kolbein is a Karl. Kolbein actually had a mission of his own in the isles and had sailed out on a trade vessel in advance, prior to the ship. He was there to scout out potential targets and where there was valuables to be found. Instead Kolbein found a lover in the monk Simon, as he had quite a lot of time on his hands before they three crews actually did sack the monastery.
Upon him reuniting with his shipmates he was introduced to Hjort and Karli. He has a good eye to the handsome Hjort, but dislikes Karli after hearing Karli skipped out on his bride so close to the betrothal. He understands the attraction, being drawn to Hjort himself, but family and duty should come first. Despite this Hövding Hrapp made him be shield partner with Karli.

Sigfus Steinthorsson

Sigfus is a Karl even though his mother was a thrall and his fathers Steinthors frilla. His father granted him his name, but he had many older brothers . Some of them cared much for their baby brother, but the two olderst despised him, deeming him much to feminine and weak already as a young boy. He learned to read and write better than most of them, and when his father told him there was a possibilty to sail with Hrapp on Modgurdr he begged for his place. He first set is eyes on Karli when Karli and Hjort came to board the Modgudr. Instead Hrapp made him shield partner with Hjort, Karlis lover.

Hild Hrappdottir

Daughter to Hrapp she knows very well that he is not always the honorable Jarl or Hövding he keeps up appearance of being. He uses people to his own ends and his only loyality over time has been to Farmann.
As daughter to a jarl she herself if of the social standing of a jarl.
Because she knows part of her fathers secret affairs she has been able to blackmail her father to let her sail with him lest she speaks the truth to her mothers family.  She has also had to safeguard her friends Grima and Bera from being used by him. She is afraid she is too much like her father but her lover Bera is helping her work through it. Hild is meant to be her father’s Battle partner, but he often chooses Farmann instead, even though Farmann is supposed to mainly work the ship.

Grima Arnljotdottir

Sheildpartner to Bera. Extremely strong ever since she was a child. There were several ships and hövdings who wanted her to be their shieldmaiden and go viking with them. She turned both the Managarm and the Eyrgjafa down to sail with Móðguðr as their glory outshone all others and her friend Hild was guaranteed to sail with her as well. She has had plenty of time to regret that choice. When the Eygjafa was in trouble she saw her battle partner Bera jump in and jumped after her. She succesfully swam survivors back to the Modgudr.

Bera Kolldottir

Shieldpartner to Grima. Lover of Hild. Where Hild commands, Bera obeys with joy. This goes beyond their romantic relationship. When the Eyrgjafa sank Hild ordered Bera to jump overboard and swim out, which she did, and am immensly proud for doing. She and Grima saved many lives.


A monk.
“Help!” “Help?”

Personal thrall to Kolbein. Simon met Kolbein a some time before the sacking of his monastery. He himself had been put in the monastery in his teens by his family and community due to his homosexual tendencies, to “save him” from committing acts of the sodomite. When he was out at the market he noticed a foreigner making eyes at him. When the stranger approached him Simon grabbed him by the wrists and got him behind a straw cart parked in an alley. A few days went by and then the Vikings came. When fleeing Simon ran straight into the foreigner who he shared a few moments of pleasure with. They are still lovers but Simon also sees that Kolbein is making eyes at the other men.