What: A queer Viking horror larp in the Nordic Larp Tradition

Where: Berghem larp village, Skillingaryd Jönköping County

When: June 17-19, 2022. Players allowed on site Thursday, June 16, from 17:00 (5 PM). Mandatory workshops start 11:00 AM, June 17. Game starts 18:00 (6 PM).

Price: About EUR 100

How to get there:

Signup and Casting

Signup is open. Please check the Available Characters page to see if there is a special character you want. After a few days after signing up, you will receive a confirmation email; you will receive a spot, unless the larp is full, otherwise be placed on the reserve list. You can also sign up directly to the reserve list. Payment instructions will be in the confirmation; the payment deadline is february last 2021. After that any new in-voices will be for 14 Days.

There will be two different sign up links. Swedish speakers will sign up directly on the web page of Studiefrämjandet; the other signup will ask for exact same information but in a Google form in English. Signups are allocated first come first serve. To make sure both queues are treated equally we will check the timestamps manually; this is why confirmation takes a few days.

Very soon after the confirmation, you will receive a casting questionnaire, please fill it out promptly.

Participants who buy tickets later will be cast until the week before the larp.


The participation fee is 100 EUR or 1000 SEK and will be paid by invoice Before february last. Invoices generated after that will have 14 Days Before they are due.


The meals included are breakfast Friday to lunch Sunday. There will be meat in some meals but vegan and vegetarian alternatives should be filling and satisfiable. All food is lactose free. If we cannot service your dietary needs you can get a meal deduction from the price.



Lunchtime: Organizers and volunteers arrive on site, participants not yet allowed

17:00 Venue opens up for participants. If you choose to arrive on Thursday, you should bring your own dinner and something to drink. We will have a small pre-party and get to know each other. Arriving on Thursday is entirely voluntary. If you choose to drink, beer, wine, or cider are fine; do not bring hard liquor.
22:07 Sun sets
23:20 Darkness falls


9:00 Breakfast. Organizers and volunteers have a meeting on their own.
Welcome speech, information on workshop groups
11:30-13:00 Workshop
13-14: Communal lunch in you base group
14-16: Workshops
16-18: Your own time to get ready
18:00 Vikings leave out of game to return in game. The village of Astfanginn starts to come alive
ca 20: FEAST, then murder, then Vedergällningen ritual, THEN CHAOS
22:07: Sun sets
23:20: Darkness falls
02:00 Go to bed

Wake up whenever
9:00-11:00 Breakfast, rekindle what is everything feels like now that the wrongdoings have been avenged. Relationship play.
13:00 Lunch in the great hall; we break play and step out of character to calibrate play.
14:30 Larping resumes
16:30 VEDERGÄLLNINGEN gradually returns
around 19:00 Dinner
22:07 Sun sets
23:21 Darkness falls

Around 01:00 Final scene for everyone. Surviving characters can continue playing in the Hall.

02:00 Organisers go to bed


Wake up out of character. The larp is over.

9:00 Breakfast, clean out your cabin, and get it checked. Help out with communal cleanup until common tasks are done. Everyone should be able to leave around noon (or you can stay and help the organisers clean some more).