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The Village of Astfanginn


Geirny Freysteindottir

Mentored by the 2:nd Thorlaug, the other mentee is Ingirid. Often uses Thorlaug’s Thrall Rö. Geirny has a passion for wrestling, often challenging other women to really dirty wrestling matches until they are covered with mud, sweat or possibly the food of the feast they started wrestling at. This physicality is often also used as a way to show her interest, which is known within the village but not to outsiders.
Tradition: Gefjun – Strenght of Gigants


Gjaflaug Svartdottir
Sister to Geirlaug (Followers of Gyrid) and mentored by her own Völva Freygerd. Misses Hrefna who left the group for the Followers of Ljot. Gjaflaug often fantasies about her or her lovers falling pregnant, loves being around any pregnancy and to be allowed to help out heavily pregnant women as part of her Tradition of following Frey and Freya. Mostly interested in fertility and beauty.
Tradition: Frey and Freya – fertility, sexuluality and armed conflict

Ingirid Onämdottir
Mentored by Thorlaug – The Second of the Council.
Father unknown and dumped in Astfanginn due to having no family. The leadership from Freygerd and mentorship from Thorlaug helps her a lot with feeling wanted and loved again. Freygerd has also encouraged her to use rituals to explore herself and her inner workings more. From this she has discovered that she enjoys taking on a more traditional male role, at first during their travels but now home in Astfanginn as well.
Tradition: Frey and Freya – fertility, sexuality and armed conflict


Geirlaug Svartdottir
Mentored by Hervor – The Third. Often uses Hervos Thrall Bränd. Sister to Gjaflaug Svartdottir (Followers of Freygerd). Both sisters follow healing and fertility paths. Geirlaug really enjoys feeding others the most, but especially likes it if they fight back, possibly resulting in food fights, something she participates with the glee of a small child. For this Gyrid has had to discipline her when they have been out traveling.
Tradition: Iðunn – feeder of life and youth.

Hjödis Björnulfdottir
Mentored by Ljufu – The Sixth and sometimes uses her Thrall Vidja. When they are out to travel with Gyrid Hjödis generally uses the feast thrown in their honor to flirt with as many men as possible and then if possible instigate conflict to see who will fight for her. The winner is greatly awarded and will have any damage healed.
Tradition: Iðunn – feeder of life and youth.



Gast was a man, and then he was a thrall. And then he comitted Seidr and became ergi. He came to Astfanginn thin and gaunt, on the brink of death a collapse. None would touch him, but Skade and her followers. Whatever they put him through he survived it, and somehow is not counted as man, yet still man. Seidrkarl yet not seidrkarl. Ergi, yet not ergi.

The Vikings


Steinbitr Iulisson
Battle partner to Sif. Since battle partner counts before ship mate, Steinbitr once decked Æinridi Arnulfrsson, their former Hövding when he had mistreated Sif, who was the hövdings frilla. He was not picked by Hrapp to be on the placed upon the Eyrgjafa after the Managarm sank and he and his battle partner Sif choose to jump overboard to see if the removal of their weight would save the ship. It did not.

Alfeid Mordottir
Battle partner to Hrodny. They were not choosen by Hrapp to go on the Modgudr after the Managarm burned and was on the Eyrgjafa when it sank. Will die in honor with Hrodny if given the chanse. Loves the female form and will give any well endowed woman and extra glance.


Karli Autisson

Lover to Hjort, shield partner to Kolbein
Karl is a Jarl as well as Hrapp, and he was very close to being married of to a woman of suitable social standing. When her family came to his village for the bethrothal he instead fell in love with her half brother Hjort. Together they managed to postpone the wedding and sail away with Hrapp westwards. It was not long until Hrapp found out they were lovers. At first Hrapp had said Hjort and Karli could be battle partners, but after finding out he instead paired Hjort with Sigfus and Karli with Kolbein.

Hjort Bergfinnson

Lover to Karli. Battle partner to Sigfus.
Hjort is a Jarl as well as Hrapp and Karli. He met Karli when he traveled with his household for a betrothal between his half sister and Karli. They very quickly consummate their love and then came up with a plan to postpone the tying of wedding bands to instead sail west with Hrapp. Hjort is wracked with guilt for stealing the man meant for his sister and it wasn’t long until Hrapp found out they were lovers. At first Hrapp had said Hjort and Karli could be battle partners, but after finding out they were lovers he instead paired Hjort with Sigfus and Karli with Kolbein.