Astfanginn – a village for völvas and the education of new völvas

The Council of the 7 – the ruling council that can divide into The Three, The Five and The Seven depending on how serious the decision needed to be made is. The members don’t travel unless extremeley well paid.

Distaff – a common staff to be used by völvas, in the mundane world it is used to hold the fibres when you spinn.

Ergi – a man who does womens work, especially being the reciever, the one being penetrated in sex but also a man who uses seidr, as magic is womans work. Ergi can also be the acts comitted by such a man.

Follower – a member of Astfanginn who still needs to follow an experienced Völva. After some time they become Völvas of their own and need their own followers. A followers acts as a magical handmaiden to their Völva, assisting her in her practice of magic.

Mentor – Generally another Völva who provides another perspective on völic seidr than the one a follower is following. Provides more one on one time and advice and might be less strict with their mentee.

Seidr – völic magic, often used to forsee and shape the future.

seiðmenn – a man who can do seidr, often considered ergi since seidr is a womans work. In Astfanginn an experienced seiðmenn who has followers is often called Völva anyway as a sign of respect.

Shieldmaiden – a woman who has taken up the shield and a weapon and fight alongside men. She goes against her gender role but can win respect by doing so.

Staff – The Völvas of Astfanginn all have a staff. The Völvas must, the Followers are allowed. These are shaped to their tradition or to mimic their völva. The Followers of Järngerd prefer a wooden staff thick enough to use when fighting and as long as up to their shoulder or longer. Several of the Norn tradition use a spinning staff.

Völva – a fully educated and knowledgable seidr-user who has her own followers. Followers are allowed to have a staff, a Völva must have a staff according to her tradition to show that she is knowlegeable.