Thursday June 16 2022

Lunchtime: Organizers and volunteers arrive on site, participants not yet allowed

17:00 Venue opens up for participants. If you choose to arrive on Thursday, you should bring your own dinner and something to drink. We will have a small pre-party and get to know each other. Arriving on Thursday is entirely voluntary. If you choose to drink, beer, wine, or cider are fine; do not bring hard liquor.

Friday June 17 2022

9:00 Breakfast. Organizers and volunteers have a meeting on their own.
Welcome speech, information on workshop groups
11:30-13:00 Workshop
13-14: Communal lunch in you base group
14-16: Workshops
16-18: Your own time to get ready
18:00 Vikings leave out of game to return in game. The village of Astfanginn starts to come alive
ca 20: FEAST, then murder, then Vedergällningen ritual, THEN CHAOS
02:00 Go to bed

Saturday June 18 2022
Wake up whenever
9:00-11:00 Breakfast, rekindle what is everything feels like now that the wrongdoings have been avenged. Relationship play.
13:00 Lunch in the great hall; we break play and step out of character to calibrate
14:30 Playing continues
16:30 VEDERGÄLLNINGEN gradually returns
around 19:00 Dinner

22:00 The sun starts to set
Around 01:00 Final scene for everyone. Surviving characters can continue playing in the Hall.

02:00 Organisers go to bed

Sunday June 19 2022

Wake up out of character. The larp is over.

9:00 Breakfast, clean out your cabin, and get it checked. Help out with communal cleanup until common tasks are done. Everyone should be able to leave around noon (or you can stay and help the organizers clean some more). Players should be able to go before 14:00 but probably earlier than that.