Environmental impact


Organizers will drive to the event site with an new petrol car packed to the maximum capacity. The Kitchen will also have to drive a fully packed car to the site. We hope players choose to take the train, so to make this easier we will work on having a transportation volunteer who will organize pick ups with the cars we do use from the train station.
We will make information for planning trips with public transport as available as we can.

Non travel greenhouse gases

We will be burning fire wood, candles and fuel for our heaters on site.


The site uses old style toilets where you have an individual stall. They do not use any water at all. Washing of hands is done with cold water from a cistern.
Food scraps are most often composted, but due to wild animals, the compost is often dug down after a game has ended.
There is a container on site, but this is only to be used for non recyclable garbage that gets left over. We will be using reusable eating utensils, bring your own utensils if you can, otherwise you wil be lent a kit that must be returned to the kitchen.


Food will be organized by the game and even though the larp is not vegetarian we will avoid beef, and mostly buy game from local hunters and supplement with pork raised in a non industrial way. We will strive to have vegetarian meals that are complete and nourishing and the vegetables will be Swedish/Nordic bough from a local supermarket that plans their transports in an efficient way.

Water pollution

The site has it’s own well, but you have to pump and carry your own water. This limits water waste. Please also use soaps and shampoos that are as easy as possible on the local streams, and rinse off in such a way that the water is filtered through the ground first before rejoining the streams.